About Us

We believe jewelry is a timeless luxury that should be present in your everyday life. We work with top manufacturers, who commit to unmatched craftsmanship, to produce only masterpieces that are made to last. We free ourselves from middlemen and provide directly to you. It is our primordial goal to make sure you have all the knowledge you need in selecting certified diamonds and bringing your dream piece to life.


“Enrich and Cherish people’s bonding through celebrations.”

Family and connecting are very important to us. We are present and cherish the moments that we have with friends and family. Making people happy and connecting people through special moments is the motivation for our work at À Point.


“With our unique personal service, we offer the perfect gifts to make all your special moments remarkable.”

Our biggest mission is to educate all our customers with all our knowledge about diamonds. We love to share everything that we’ve learned in the jewelry industry to you.

“Our diamonds are just like our philosophy in which we focus on transparency.”

We are proud of our products and we will never compromise on the quality of our jewelry. We want to do our best to deliver high quality jewelry and best valued engagement rings that will make our customers happy.

Our Services


À Point offers a complimentary personalized engraving to all clients purchasing engagement rings. We create the possibility to personalized your ring exactly the way you want it.  


À Point offers a lifetime commitment for all of our customers. If ever something happens to your jewelry that you think it has resulted from workmanship defect, we kindly invite you to come see us.


A complimentary check up after 12 months is offered when purchasing an engagement ring from À Point. The service includes a deep cleaning and a repolishing of your engagement ring to give it a brand new look.

3 R's

Let’s bring back your jewelries to life with our special services which consist of Repair, Repolishing and Rhodium Plate. By the end of 3R’s, your jewel will be just like new.