About Us

Welcome to À Point Jewelry, where craftsmanship meets elegance in the heart of Montreal’s iconic Square Phillips, the bustling jewelry district of this vibrant city. With a legacy spanning nine years, À Point Jewelry has been a beacon of sophistication and creativity, offering an exquisite collection of engagement rings and diamond jewelry. Our passion for exceptional design and commitment to quality have made us a trusted name in the industry, as we strive to capture the essence of special moments in every piece we create. 

Nestled in the cultural and historical surroundings of Square Phillips, our store is a haven for those seeking timeless treasures that reflect their unique love stories. At À Point Jewelry, we invite you to explore a world where precision meets passion, where each piece is crafted with love and expertise to celebrate the moments that matter most. We are dedicated to supporting our clients throughout their proposal, engagement and anniversary celebrations. We strive to help our clients build their love story and create meaningful relationships .

Vision & Mission

“A world filled with love and commitment.”

Our vision is to begin the marathon of your relationship and build your love story.

“A world filled with transparency.”

Our mission is to help you build your love story and create long lasting relationships


Crafted in Montreal, with love.

Montreal ring craftsmen are the unsung heroes behind the city’s flourishing jewelry scene. With a deep-rooted commitment to their craft, these artisans skillfully transform raw materials into captivating pieces of wearable art. Infused with a unique blend of traditional techniques and contemporary design, Montreal’s ring craftsmen are renowned for their attention to detail and dedication to perfection. Each artisan brings a personal touch to their creations, reflecting the diverse cultural influences that define the vibrant spirit of the city.

In the heart of Montreal, these craftsmen, with nimble fingers and creative minds, sculpt dreams into reality, turning precious metals and gemstones into symbols of love, commitment, and individual expression. The Montreal ring craftsmen are not just creators; they are storytellers, weaving tales of beauty and emotion that resonate with every wearer who adorns their masterpieces.

We pay attention and listen carefully to our clients’ needs. We are not here to just make a sale. We are committed to bring your dream ring/jewelry to life. “Your imagination is the limit.” You dream it and we create it!