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The service is nothing less than spectacular. Buying an engagement ring can be daunting. From the beginning of the buying process, DK took the time to first educate and help me find the right ring that fit my needs for a price that was more than reasonable. Me and my fiancee could not be more happier. Even more surprising is the after-sale service where he truly shines. I highly recommend this place!

– Tony

Our jeweller Derrick is not only passionate about his work but also values customer needs. He also ensures maximum quality for the price. My fiancé and I had a wonderful experience in choosing our engagement ring and diamond necklace! Thank you for your service and hospitality!

– Valerie

I purchased a cuban link bracelet for my boyfriend for his birthday. I had a great buying experience and left feeling very informed! 1 year later and I can confidently say that the workmanship and quality of the bracelet has not only met but exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend this jewelry company to both novices and jewelry experts alike! 10/10

– Stephanie

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