“Enrich and Cherish People’s Bonding through Celebrations”


“Enrich and Cherish People’s Bonding through Celebrations”

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The Five « C’s »

I. Clarity

II. Color

III. Cut

IV. Carat

V. Customized

À Point offers a vast selection of finely-crafted jewelry that will fit the needs of all in its retail showroom. Whether you are young or middle-aged, you are looking for beautiful accessory for yourself or for someone else; À Point has just what you need at an affordable price. You can choose from a wide inventory of products with GIA certified diamonds and 18K gold with unmatched quality. The collection of both classic and modern jewelry can help you express yourself in a beautiful and elegant way, showing the world your unique personality by wearing the right jewels.

Our diamond bracelets, necklaces and earrings are an elegant and romantic way to express yourself and further enhance your look. The collection of expert-crafted merchandises will suit the needs of all and bring magic and charm to your unique appearance. On the other hand, engagement rings and wedding bands are the primordial items to celebrate the most memorable moments between the relationship with your partner.

We are proud to use  GIA certified, conflict free diamonds and gemstones. Gemological Institute of America is the most trusted diamond grading system based in the United States, and used worldwide. GIA is a non-profit institute dedicated to research and education of the jewelry and gemology fields. GIA grading reports will guarantee the graded diamond is a natural diamond with detailed specifications. This independent entity acts as the third party between the buyer and the seller without any conflict of interests.

Our team personalize the best designer’s choice based on the unique taste and needs of the customer. We can also customize your jewelries by adjusting the length of the chains, size and quality of the diamonds, color of gold, and different engraving work. As a private jeweler based in Montreal, we confidently differentiates our competitors by making remarkable masterpieces with premium quality diamonds, and 18K gold which maximize the purity of gold.

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